Rob Dixon is the senior insructor and is currently a brown belt belt under Ryron & Rener Gracie. He teaches Combatives, Master Cycle & Bullyproof classes. He completed the Gracie Academy Instructors course in January 2012. He regularly attends the Gracie Academy headquarters in Torrance California, and hosts and attends seminars with leading high level instructors and black belts to further his knowledge. To read more about Rob’s martial arts background, click here.


Matt began training in 2012 and quickly picked up the basics, earning his blue belt in November 2013. Matts potential as an instructor was spotted very early on, as he is always keen to help out new starters, and has a great eye for detail ! Matt is a very technical grappler and is currently a purple belt. Matt completed the Gracie Academy Instructors course in July 2017, at Gracie Academy headquarters, Torrance California.

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